Pooja Schedule

Daily and Weekly Pooja Schedule at Our Temple

For Ganeshanjali – Daily Poojas and Special Services click here (Please note : All schedules and tariffs are subject to change – please contact the Temple Counter directly at (718)460-8484 ext. 112 to confirm) 

Please Note: Scheduled Abhishekam changes for Sri Raghavendra Swamy due to Ekadasi – click here.

Below please see Schedule of Daily/Weekly Religious Services (schedule subject to change). For questions devotees you may please contact the Temple Counter directly at (718) 460-8484 ext 112. 

Daily Services at the Temple
8:00 am    Mahã Ganapati Suprabhãtam*
Usha Kãla Pooja
8:15 am    Šiva Abhishekam
8:15 am    Venkatešwara Suprabhãtam§ / Mahã Ganapati Homam
9:00 am    Mahã Ganapati Abhishekam
9:00 am & 5:00 pm Veda Pãrãyanam
7:00 pm    Sarva Devata Hãrati
                              *Weekends at 7:30 am / §8:00 am • Sundays at 11:00 am

Weekly Services at the Temple
7:15 pm    Šiva Abhishekam

8:15 am    Hanumãn Abhishekam
9:00 am    Nãgendra Abhishekam
10:00 am  Kãmãkshi Abhishekam
5:30 pm    Hanumãn Sahasranãma Pooja
6:00 pm    Hanumãn Chalisa Pãrãyanam
7:15 pm    Shanmukha Abhishekam

6:00 pm    Saraswati Abhishekam
7:15 pm    Saraswati Sahasranãma Archana

8:30 am    Rãghavendra Swãmy Abhishekam
9:00 am    Dakshinãmoorthy Abhishekam
6:00 pm    Dakshinãmoorthy Rudra Trišati Nãma Archana
6:00 pm    Rãghavendra Swãmy Sahasranãma Pooja
7:15 pm    Rãghavendra Guru Pãduka Pooja
7:15 pm    Gayatri Japam

10:00 am   Pãrvati Abhishekam, Lalita Sahasranãma Pãrãyanam
10:30 am   Mahã Lakshmi Sahasranãma Archana
7:15 pm     Mahã Lakshmi Abhishekam, Mahã Lakshmi Stothram

8:30 am     Vishnu Sahasranãma Pãrãyanam
9:00 am     Rãghavendra Swãmy Abhishekam
9:00 am     Navagraha Abhishekam
11:00 am   Venkatešwara Abhishekam
6:00 pm     Venkatešwara Sahasranãma Pooja

11:00 am   Mahã Ganapati Abhishekam
4:30 pm    Durga Abhishekam, Durga Sahasranãma Archana
6:00 pm    Mahã Ganapati Sahasranãma Pooja

For detailed information about other upcoming events, please see schedule calendar here.